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New website

25 March 2022

In May 2022 we would like to officially open this new website of the Belgian Working Group on Heart Failure or BWGHF.

Through this website we would like to offer all parties involved in the care of our heart failure patients a platform where the patient and his environment, as well as the entire multidisciplinary team, find the necessary to interpret this condition and find additional information for additional training, new guidelines, contacts in Belgium, ....

Via the YELLOW section, patients and family can find clear information about the condition as well as the necessary tips & tricks about how to live with heart failure and who can assist you in this.

Via the BLUE section, all care providers involved can find additional professional group-oriented information related to the care of our heart failure patients with the necessary links to training courses and guidelines.

Through the RED section, we group together the necessary medical data and tools for all doctors or doctors in training related to all aspects of the diagnosis and therapy of our heart failure patients.

We are happy to keep you up to date !


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